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Global Python S2000

The GLOBAL Python S2000 is the ultimate sweeping machine. It delivers outstanding sweeping performance for the widest range of applications and conditions. Its highly maneuverable, short wheelbase chassis and compact design makes even the tightest areas accessible. And operators will love the comfort, visibility and quiet operation of the S2000 Global Sweeper.

10 Reasons to Own a Python S2000:

  1. Powerful Sweeping System
    The Global Sweeping Python S2000 has a powerful sweeping system. It's simple design gives you outstanding sweeping performance in a wide range of applications and in all kinds of conditions. All brooms are independently driven for maximum reserve sweeping torque and increased operating flexibility.
  2. Adjustable, Floating Brooms
    All brooms are free floating and fully adjustable, which allows them to follow the contour of the road. The gutter brooms are equipped with parallel linkage.
  3. Unrivaled Dust Control
    The Global S2000 Python employs a unique, patented Water Saver SystemTM, that uses less water while keeping dust to a minimum. All Python sweepers are PM-10 Certified.
  4. Durable Elevator
    Durable squeegee-type elevator puts more debris into the hopper quickly and efficiently with less maintenance. Belt system outlasts the competitors' system, and is warranteed for 2 years or 1,000 hours. Optional chain elevator also available.
  5. High and Low Dump
    Dependable scissor-type lift mechanism enables dumping from infinitely variable heights from 18" ground dump to a full 10'6" high dump.
  6. Low Maintenance Costs, Fuel Efficient, No Grease Points
    Simplicity of design, innovative engineering and quality craftsmanship produce sweepers that spend more time on the road sweeping. Components are easily accessible for fast and easy service. We've even eliminated all the grease points.
  7. Visibility & Quiet Comfort
    The S2000 offers outstanding visibility, and a comfortable ride for operators, so they can stay on the job and remain fresh and alert. And, both operators and local residents appreciate the quiet operation of Python sweepers.
  8. Centre Debris Hopper
    Centre mounted hopper provides even load distribution, a clear view of the hopper via lexan windows and a full 4 cubic yard volumetric capacity.
  9. Compact and Nimble Chassis
    The S2000 allows you to get to the job quickly. And when you arrive, the highly maneuverable, short wheelbase chassis and compact design makes even the tightest areas accessible.
  10. Our Imitators are Everywhere
    They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. If that's the case, then we feel truly complimented because Python copies are everywhere in the sweeping industry. Yet, we continue to provide the best and most reliable sweepers.


S2000 Specifications

General Specifications:

Sweeping path: 120”
Overall height: 102”
Overall length: 234”
Hopper capacity: 4.0 cu yd volumetric
Dump height max: 126”
Dump location: Left side standard
Wheelbase: 110”

Engine, Auxiliary:
Manufacturer: John Deere
Model: 4024, 4 cylinder turbo diesel
Displacement: 2440 cc
Rated horsepower: 66 hp@2800 rpm
Torque: 163 ft-lbs. @ 1600 rpm

Main Broom:
“The Eliminator” (patent pending)
Steel core: 10” dia. 58” long
Hydraulic direct drive: variable and
Filled diameter: 36”

Gutter Brooms:
Number of brooms: 2
Diameter: 36”
Number of segments: 4
Hydraulic direct drive: Reversible
Adjustment: Independent left, right,
up & down
Controls: Pressure & wear
Design: Free-floating spring suspension

PM 10 Certified

Debris Hopper:
Material volume: 4.0 cu yd volumetric
Maximum dump height: 10’ 6”
Minimum dump height: 18”
Left side dumping: standard
Dump capacity: 9,500 lbs/4309 kg

Water System:
“Water Saver” (patent pending)
Capacity: 140 Gallons
Tank material: Polyethylene
Electric pump (1): Diaphragm, 3.0 gpm
Water system material: Non-corrosive

Hydraulic System:
Tank capacity: 45 Gallons
Pump: Tandem gear
Pump Capacity: 10 gpm/10 gpm
Controls: Electric over hydraulic
Hydraulic drive motors:
All interchangeable
Hydraulic fluid cooler: Air to oil

Auxiliary Engine/ Sweeper Instrumentation:
Tachometer and hour meter
Engine oil pressure warning lamp
Engine coolant temperature lamp
Elevator stall warning lamp


Squeegee-type system
Hydraulic direct drive, variable speed and reversible
Relief valve protected

Truck Specifications:
19,500 GVW
Design: Cab-over
Engine: 215 hp @ 2700 rpm
Torque: 452 lb-ft. @ 1850 rpm
Transmission: automatic 5 speed w/overdrive
Steering: Power w/ tilt & telescopic column
Axles: Front: 7,275 lbs.
Rear: 14,550 lbs.
Brakes: Hydraulic ABS, front & rear discs


2000 brooms

Brooms are free floating and fully adjustable, allowing them to follow the contour of the road.


Lighting System:
2 - Halogen headlamps, rectangular
2 - Stop/ tail lamps
2 - Turn signal lamps, front and rear
Cab marker lamps and rear clearance lamps
Warning beacon & emergency flasher lamps
Back-up lamps, automatic with audible alarm
License plate lamp

Wheels & Tires:
225/70R 19.5”, 12 ply rating, radial Duals on rear axle

Other cab-over chassis available, from
16,000 to 19,500 GVW.
See your dealer about the other many manufacturer’s options